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Game InfoEdit

Unique Assyrian support Unit. Nearby owned Units gain +40% 20xStrength5 Combat Strength versus Cities when adjacent to an enemy City, or +20% 20xStrength5 Combat Strength if two tiles from an enemy City. Starts with Medic I and Extra Sight. Cannot attack or defend itself.

May only have 2 Siege Towers active at one time.


Unique Assyrian support Unit. This unit must move close to an enemy city to be effective, but once it has, it is devastating. It cannot attack or defend itself, so protect it at all costs! You cannot have more than 2 active Siege Towers at one time.

If adjacent to a city, the Siege Tower confers a huge combat bonus to all nearby units also attacking the city. If the Siege Tower is two tiles away from the City, all nearby units attacking the city receive half of this bonus. Complement a Siege Tower with melee or ranged units, and make sure it reaches its target before getting killed, and cities will fall much more quickly.

Historical InfoEdit

The oldest known siege towers date to their use by the armies of the neo-Assyrian Empire c. 9th Century BC. Bas-reliefs from the reign of Ashurbanipal II depict siege towers at the walls of enemy towns. At the time, mud-brick walls were generally sufficient protection against the ancient armies of Mesopotamia, but siege towers used by the Assyrians allowed them to overwhelm enemy towns quickly and efficiently, providing their empire with a means to grow virtually unchecked for three centuries.

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