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Game InfoEdit

Powerful Medieval infantry Unit. Only the Japanese may build it. This Unit fights more effectively, gains more experience than normal, and helps produce Great Generals more quickly than the Longswordsman, which it replaces.


The Samurai are the Japanese unique unit, replacing the Longswordsman. It is more powerful as the Swordsman, generates more Great Generals, and gains more experience from combat.

Historical InfoEdit

The Japanese samurai were arguably the best pre-gunpowder warriors since the Roman legions. Emerging in the 12th century, the samurai were a warrior caste sworn to follow the code of Bushido, which held bravery, honor, and loyalty above life itself. Samurai typically carried two swords, the single-edged katana and the shorter wakizashi, the latter used in the "seppuku" (suicide) ritual. These swords were far superior to the equivalent Western longswords, the Japanese weapons-makers having mastered the art of combining high- and low-carbon steel. Some also carried bow or spear, and later, firearms. Depending upon the era (and the samurai's wealth and status) a samurai might wear padded cloth, lacquered, or metal armor.