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Fixes and Optimizations:Edit

  • Fixed some CP event linker issues
  • NOTE: Removed slow legacy event code for events (causing irreversible CTDs in some cases) - mods using legacy event linker code must remove that for this version!
  • Reworked AI Military logic a LOT
  • Added tile yield art for local culture, admiral and general points
  • A few more random CTD, bugfix, and quirk fixes
  • Some text fixes and general cleanup
  • Tons of work on tactical AI logic for things like naval invasions
  • Fixed UA scaling for era yields on NW
  • Fixed city connection oddities for non-mainland cities and routes
  • Assorted bugfixes and optimizations, reported and non-reported
  • Fixed some CP lua issues and (hopefully) fixed missing specialist culture for EUI tooltip


  • Carolean - gains Hakkapellitta 'If on same tile as GG, +15% attack' promotion. Small, niche promotion, but flavorful.


  • Moved Volunteer Army to Level 1, Moved Civil Society to Level 2
  • Increased Urbanization Food to +2 (Was +1)
  • Creative Expression now +2 Golden Age Points on Buildings (was +2 Culture)
  • Worker's Faculties - now 10% science for city (Was +3)


  • Machu Picchu - now 33% from City connections (was 15)
  • Cristo Redentor - 25 Tourism, +2 Tourism/GAP/Culture from Hotels; loses -10% policy cost element. Now a potent Tourism wonder
  • Eiffel Tower - now -10% policy cost reduction - removed tourism bonus. Earlier bonus makes the -10% policy cost have real lasting value
  • Notre Dame - gains free Cathdral
  • Alhambra now 10% Culture (was 20)
  • Sistine Chapel - now 10% culture (was 15%)
  • Himeji Castle - gains 15% defense modifier in all cities
  • Red Fort - now 30 defense and 100 HP (was 12 defense)
  • Tower of Pisa - now 10% GP in all cities (was 25%), - 15% added to wonder city (so 25% in wonder city, 10% elsewhere)


  • Court Scribe - gives 1 free Emissary on construction

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