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Community PatchEdit

  • Adjusted AI unit purchasing and production logic (fixed a bug with operation purchasing as well)
  • Fix for a few rare late-game CTDs
  • Unit Pathfinder adjustments and optimizations
  • Misc. bugfixes (github issues) and text corrections

Community Balance PatchEdit

  • NWs:
    • Palace of Culture and Science: gain votes from Vassals as well as DPs
  • Units:
    • Doubled Guided Missiles range, RCS now 100 (powerful punch - should be able to one-shot **most units, but has a high investment cost).
    • Evasion II now 80% (was 100%) (i.e. Stealth Bomber nerf)
    • Bumped tank/panzer CS by 5
    • Machine Gun and Bazooka RCS increased by 5
    • XCOM CS reduced by 10
    • Special Forces CS reduced by 5
    • Paratrooper CS reduced by 10
    • Increased Light Tank CS by 5, now requires aluminum instead of oil

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