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Community PatchEdit

  • Tactical and Pathfinding AI improvements
  • Optimizations of a few homeland and tactical AI functions
  • Major performance improvements across the board
  • UI fix for no-EUI slowdown
  • Imported modifications from Merill et al.
  • Fixed late-game OOM crashs related to pathfinder
  • Fix for naval operation recruitment bugs
  • Fixed a rare great work tooltip crash
  • Adjusted city tile acquisition logic
  • Misc. other bugfixes

Community Balance PatchEdit

  • Reduced late-game tech costs slightly
  • Increased tech/policy cost for # of cities by 1%
  • Reduced Faith and Gold on Cathedral by 1
  • Hospital: 5% of food converted to science every turn in city
  • Medical Lab: +1 science from scientist, merchant, and engineer speicalists in the city
  • New unit: Field Gun (industrial artillery - at rifling)
    • Field gun has ranged 3, but no indirect range
    • Artillery retains both 3 range and indirect range
    • Artillery moved back to Combustion
    • Adjusted ranged siege CS/RCS to compensate for new unit
    • Bumped Gatling Gun ranged damage to 45 (was 40)

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