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Community PatchEdit

  • Adjusted AI peace proclivity a bit
  • Fixed religion adoption bonus on certain city-flipping scenarios
  • Adjustments to vassal VC voting logic
  • Assorted bugfixes and improvements (github issues)

Community Balance OverhaulEdit


  • Increased base culture on GWs by 1


  • Festivals: now 2/2/2 (was 1/2/2)
  • Springtime: now +1g/+1c from Plantations, +2f from Markets

CS BullyingEdit

  • Increased bully area metric for calculating unit proximity by 1, and increased bonus for army ranking in world by 10
  • Bullied very recently/recently now on a sliding scale based on time.


  • Reduced unit faith costs across the board
  • All siege units (except Hwach'a) start with promotion: -33% RCS v. Land units (gives ranged units a stronger role)
  • Reduced War Elephant CS by 1
  • Trireme CS now 12 (was 11)
  • Increased production cost of knights and knight UUs
  • Fusilier and Mehal gain anti mounted promotion (bayonets and rifles!)


  • Removed maintenance on Council
  • Bumped Watermill to 1f/p per 5 (was 1 per 4)
  • Aqueduct base food now 3 (was 1), Harappan now 4 ( was 3) - gains ability '25% of production added to city's current production every time a citizen is born'
  • (CSD) Chancery/Scrivener's Office/Wire Service: removed 'instant production' element - now grant flat yields based on the number of CS friends and allies you have.
  • Scrivener's Office: +1 Food per Friend, +2 Faith per Ally
  • Chancery: +1 Gold per Friend, +2 Culture per Ally
  • Wire Service: +1 Production per Friend, +2 Science per Ally
  • Circus: removed 1 Happiness, but added 10 turns of WLTKD when completed (Ceilidh Hall retains +1 Happiness element) - buffed culture instant boost by 50
  • Observatory: dropped mountain requirement, but added 'Scientific Revolution' policy requirement (this is a buff to Rationalism). Dropped base science to +2, but increased Mountain science to 2 per mountain.
  • Zoo: removed Scientist slot and science. Now grants large sum of Tourism when completed, and forests/jungles provide +1 Tourism (was +1 Gold).
  • Seaport: now 15% production boost (was 25%)
  • Museum: now +5 if themed, 1c per 4 (was per 5)
  • Opera House: gains +3 culture
  • Broadcast Tower: now 1c per 5 (was per 4), but also increases Tourism by 1 per 5.


  • Oracle: removed culture per turn from building
  • Summer Palace: bonus promotion now grants +15 influence (was +5)
  • Himeji: added free Great Scientist when built
  • Hubble: lowered policy cost to 26 (Was 28)
  • CERN: now two free techs (was 10k science)
  • Great Firewall: All Research Labs gain +10 science

National WondersEdit

  • Visitor Center: now 25% Tourism boost for GW and WW/Tiles/etc. in all cities - reduced to additional 25% for city in which it is built (so 50% in city, 25% in all other cities)
  • National Intelligence Agency: Foreign spies cannot cause unrest/rebellion in the city - owned spies much more likely to assassinate foreign GPs
  • (CSD) Hall of Honor: now 25% production (was 15 faith), now 2 votes per capital (was 1)
  • (CSD) International Finance Center: now 1 vote per 2 DOF
  • Oxford: now 75 per tech (was 50)
  • Hermitage: +10% Culture in City added

No-EUI Compatibility Files Edit

  • Iamblichos's fixed cityview UI included

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