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Community PatchEdit


  • Fixed a few pathfinder issues
  • Fixed event/city event scarcity issue
  • Fixed some UI issues and UI issues for events overview (thanks JFD!)
  • Adjusted AI war/peace proclivity.
  • Fixed unit shuttling and other aberrant AI unit move behaviors
  • Adjusted AI improvement logic
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes and improvements

Community Balance OverhaulEdit


  • Decreased city-pop scaling on unhappiness values by about 20%, but increased tech scaling by about 20%.
  • Trade Route Science from cultural influence will be earned whether or not you are behind the player in techs
  • Ritual Belief: now 20% distance, double via trade routes (was 30% and 3x)\
  • Reduced CS for siege units slightly
  • Added- Dominance (Authority): Increase Unit Supply from Population by 15%.


  • Increased Food and Gold on Chateau by +1
  • Increased Gold on Feitoria by +1
  • Bandeirantes starts with Survivalism III, generates actual Culture (not just border growth) and Science from revealing tiles (in addition to gold from before)
  • Brazilwood Camp - now buildable in forest, but not adjacent to one another. Creates a copy of the tradeable Brazilwood Resource for every improvement you create. Brazil gets a unique luxury!
  • Reduced Carthage Gold from found to 175 (was 200)

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