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Community PatchEdit

  • Bugfixes for stuck units
  • Fixes for empty renewal deals and for occassional 'Impossible' trade deals
  • Fixes for some failed overseas attacks
  • Adjusted settling/defensive AI moves
  • Adjusted AI unit/building production priorities
  • Incorporated API elements from Iamblichos
  • Other small bugfixes (github issues)

Community Balance OverhaulEdit


  • New artwork for armored car by Gazebo (now called a Light tank) - unit model borrowed from Smitty and modified/reskinned by Gazebo




  • Military Tradition now Regimental System (name change)
  • Naval Tradition now Miltitary Tradition - removed Fishing boat bonus, added +4 Gold to Citadels and Forts


  • Aqueduct/Harappan Reservoir (India): +2 Food from Lakes and Oases (also buffed Reservoir to do +2 Food from Farms as well)
  • Garden: +2 Gold from Oases


  • Fighters and Heavy Bombers no longer obsolete

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