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Community PatchEdit

  • Bugfixes and performance improvements (github et. al.)
  • Adjustments to the tactical AI, including embarkation/disembarkation logic during naval invasions
  • Fixes for memory leaks and CTD when exiting game/to menu

Community Balance OverhaulEdit




  • free Public School now a free Research Lab


  • Opener: Gold from constructing buildings reduced to 15 (Was 25)
  • Division of Labor: Investment boost reduced to 10% (Was 15)


  • Opener: moved embark/GG moves buff here, reduced to +1 (was +2)
  • Martial Law: removed occupied production bonus, added +1 Happiness for Constabularies.
  • Exploitation: added 'upgrade military units in CSs' to policy
  • Military Tradition: Removed Great Admiral element, buffed to +4 science on military buildings.
  • Exploration now Naval Tradition - generates Great Admirals 33% more quickly, and +1 Gold/Culture on Fishing Boats. Removed free Great Admiral.


  • Opener: moved Empiricism bonus to opener
  • Enlightenment: Golden Age moved here.
  • Incrementing bonus for science when empire is happy now 2% (Was 1%)
  • Scientific Revolution: now 15%/+3 (Was 10%/+2)

Empiricism: Scientist beakers now 20% stronger, foreign spies 25% weaker in owned cities.


  • Veneration now 1 per 2 (was 1 per 1)

Natural Wonders: Everlasting Youth (Fountain of Youth): now a flat +10 to all healing done by the unit (instead of march)

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