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Community PatchEdit


  • Fixed a few smaller bugs here and there (github requests/issues)
  • Fixed some quirks in warmonger liberation/conquest calculations
  • Optimizations and pathfinder efficiency fixes
  • Awesome new Ilteroi tactical AI for attack/defense formation logic implemented
  • Biggest notable change- siege units no longer setup to attack - they simply have reduced movement speed in enemey lands
  • The AI now knows how to gift units to City-States
  • AI DoF proclivity in the early game reduced slightly
  • Merged other changes from modders
  • Increased DoF desirability turn buffer
  • Major work on Deal AI at all levels (AI should be more flexible and intelligent with most deal types, including defensive pacts)
  • Deal value will now state 'acceptable' when the deal is within allowable parameters. It will show +/- numbers if beyond this parameter.
  • Fixed back-end bug that made me disable allowing the same side to have GPT and gold on the same side in the same deal. Loans are still a no-go (too easy to exploit)
  • Made some adjustments to tech AI choices
  • Added a 'Chill Barbarians' option to the advanced setup menu.


  • Fixed Corporations/Monopoly UI resource-related quirks
  • Entirely new Espionage Screen tooltip interface:
  • Gives actual numbers going on 'behind the scenes' for actions and advanced actions
  • Lists bonuses/penalties and chances of capture/kill for spies
  • Intrigue listed out (by agent) in tooltips over agent's names (or, if diplomats, their 'schmoozing' status)

Community Overhaul PatchEdit


  • Adjusted spy efficacy (based on ranks) upwards slighlty, and improved spy theft efficiency slightly
  • Reduced tourism bonus from trade routes and historic events by 20% - puts it at about 15% above pre-buff level


  • Liberty (Progress) worked bonus increased to 50% (was 25%)


  • Police and Constabulary crime reduction about 20% better.


  • Tithes now per 6 (was per 4)


  • Moved Moai production boost to Construction (was The Wheel)
  • Mandekalu Cavalry now 15 (was 18)
  • Byzantine Cataphract now 30 (was 28)
  • Buffed Carolean to 29 (was 27), UA attack bonus now 15 (was 20)
  • Moroccan UA now +4 (Was +3)
  • Brazilian UA bonuses now 50% (Was 40%) and 25% (was 20%), respectively.

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