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Community PatchEdit


  • Fixed a few smaller CTD possibilities (very rare)
  • Fixed belief-related issue with respect to faith-purchase buildings (non-follower faith buildings could be bought by non-founders)
  • Worked on AI production/tech logic a bit more
  • Worked on AI peace proclivity a bit more
  • Reduced Barbarian spawn rates ever so slightly
  • Added some database elements for Iamblichos's mods, and added policies database requests from Enginseer
  • Did some work on AI flavoring for techs and policies
  • Fixed rarity issue for city/player events.
  • Text fixes and adjustments.

Community Balance OverhaulEdit


  • AI no longer gets bonus culture on founding capital (no 'turn 1 policies')
  • Astrologer (Tradition) now grants +2 science (was +3), but grants Councils and Herbalists in all cities +1 Science
  • Throne Room (Tradition) now +10% city modifier instead of +1
  • Healing from Kills (Authority) now 10 (was 20), Honor no longer starts with +1 Production (so total branch production in each city is +5, was +6)

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