Monopolies are one of the new gameplay elements added by Vox Populi and are distinguished by two types of monopolies: luxury and strategic.

Attaining a MonopolyEdit

Civilizations can attain monopolies by obtaining control over resources. This further encourages empires to even improve resource tiles that are too far to be workable along with additional resources to trade with. After attaining a monopoly, a civilization can build a Corporation Headquarters respective to their monopoly resource counterpart.

Luxury MonopoliesEdit

Luxury Global Monopolies: the essence of the Monopoly system is expansion: as your empire expands throughout the game (either through combat or settlement), be on the lookout for Luxury resources that you already have copies of. As you collect more and more copies of the same Luxury Resources, the percentage of global resources you control goes up. If this value goes over 50% (i.e. you control more than 50% of the world's supply of any resource), you gain a Global Monopoly over that Resource. Each Global Monopoly has a unique bonus - some grant additional yields to your tiles, whereas others boost City yields by a set percentage.

Luxuries Global Effect
Amber (Civ5) Amber +2 20xScience5 on Resource Tile.
Brazilwood (Civ5) Brazilwood +2 20xCulture on Resource Tile.
Citrus (Civ5) Citrus +3 20xFood on Resource Tile.
Cloves (Civ5) Cloves +5 Global 20xHappiness
Cocoa (Civ5) Cocoa +10% 20xCulture to Cities.
Coffee (Civ5) Coffee +10% 20xProduction to Cities.
Copper (Civ5) Copper +10% 20xProduction to Cities.
Coral (Civ5) Coral +3 20xGold on Resource Tiles.
Cotton (Civ5) Cotton +3 20xGold on Resource Tile.
Crab (Civ5) Crab +3 20xFood on Resource Tile.
Dyes (Civ5) Dyes +10% 20xGold to Cities.
Furs (Civ5) Furs +5 Global 20xHappiness
Gems (Civ5) Gems +2 20xScience5 on Resource Tile.
Glass (Civ5) Glass +5 Global 20xHappiness
Gold (Civ5) Gold +25% GoldenAge5 Golden Age Length
Incense (Civ5) Incense +2 20xFaith on Resource Tile.
Ivory (Civ5) Ivory +25% GoldenAge5 Golden Age Length
Jade (Civ5) Jade +2 20xCulture on Resource Tile.
Jewelry (Civ5) Jewelry +5 Global 20xHappiness
Lapis Lazuli (Civ5) Lapis Lazuli +25% GoldenAge5 Golden Age Length
Marble (Civ5) Marble +10% 20xCulture to Cities.
Nutmeg (Civ5) Nutmeg +3 20xProduction on Resource Tile.
Olives (Civ5) Olives +3 20xFood on Resource Tile.
Pearls (Civ5) Pearls +2 20xCulture on Resource Tile.
Pepper (Civ5) Pepper +20% Growth to Cities.
Perfume (Civ5) Perfume +5 Global 20xHappiness
Porcelain (Civ5) Porcelain +25% GoldenAge5 Golden Age Length
Salt (Civ5) Salt +20% 20xFood Growth to Cities.
Silk (Civ5) Silk +10% 20xGold to Cities.
Silver (Civ5) Silver +2 20xCulture on Resource Tile.
Spices (Civ5) Spices +25% GoldenAge5 Golden Age Length
Sugar (Civ5) Sugar +20% 20xFood Growth to Cities.
Tea (Civ5) Tea +3 20xProduction on Resource Tile.
Tobacco (Civ5) Tobacco +2 20xFaith on Resource Tile.
Truffles (Civ5) Truffles +5 Global 20xHappiness
Whales (Civ5) Whales +10% 20xScience5 to Cities.
Wine (Civ5) Wine +5 Global 20xHappiness

Strategic MonopoliesEdit

Strategic Global Monopolies: Strategic Resources operate the same way as Luxury Resources with regards to Monopolies, with one major exception. Due to the vast abundance of these resources, a true 50% Monopoly can be quite difficult. As a result, Strategic Resources have two tiers: 'Strategic' Monopolies and 'True' Monopolies. Strategic Monopolies occur at 25%, and generate special combat bonuses (such as increased health regeneration or increase defense). True Monopolies occur at 50% and, like Luxury Monopolies, they generate bonuses to City and/or tile yields.

Luxuries Strategic Effect Global Effect
Aluminum (Civ5) Aluminum Units gain +5 HP when healing. +3 20xProduction on Resource Tile.
Coal (Civ5) Coal Naval Units gain +1 20xMovement5 Movement. +3 20xGold on Resource Tile.
Horses (Civ5) Horses Units gain +10% 20xStrength5 Strength when attacking. +2 20xScience5 on Resource Tile.
Iron (Civ5) Iron Units gain +10% 20xStrength5 Strength when defending. +3 20xProduction on Resource Tile.
Oil (Civ5) Oil Units gain +5 XP after combat. +2 20xScience5 on Resource Tile.
Uranium (Civ5) Uranium Units gain +10% 20xStrength5 Strength when attacking. +10% 20xScience5 to Cities.

Other Monopoly Mechanics Edit

Only one Civilization can have a monopoly on one Luxury at a time. Effects that increase the number of Strategic or Luxury resources you have (the Zealotry belief, the East India Trading Company National Wonder, Russia's unique ability, the Third Alternative Autocracy Tenet) can lead to gaining a monopoly. Trading resources will not normally affect monopolies, with the exception of the Dutch, who have the unique ability to gain a monopoly based on imported resources. The Statecraft policy Exchange Markets also allows resources imported from City-States to count towards Global Monopolies.

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