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Game InfoEdit

Powerful Medieval Mounted Unit, weak to Spearmen. Only the Songhai may build it. This Unit is not penalized when attacking Cities, unlike the Horseman which it replaces, and starts with the Raider promotion.


This is a Songhai unique unit, replacing the Horseman. This unit is stronger than the Horseman, and it gains a significant bonus when attacking cities. The Mandekalu Cavalry can move after attacking. Its speed makes it difficult for an enemy to build a defensive line before the Mandekalu Cavalry reaches the target

Historical InfoEdit

Like their northern counterparts, Muslim armies also contained heavy cavalry units, similar in form and function to European knights. Like the Europeans, the Muslim knights too were from the upper reaches of society, possessing the best arms, armor and horses. The armor might be modified to reflect the differences in climate - even the most noble knight would quickly roast if wearing plate armor in a Middle East summer - but it still gave them a great advantage over other units on the battlefield. Historical accounts admit that Muslim knights were generally a match for their European opponents.

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