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Game InfoEdit

Strong, front-line land Unit of the Classical Era. Only the Romans may build it. This Unit has a higher 20xStrength5 Combat Strength than the Swordsman, which it replaces, and gains the Cover I promotion for free.


The Legion is the Roman unique unit, replacing the Swordsman. The Legion is more powerful than the Swordsman, making it the one of the most powerful melee units of the Classical Era. The Legion can also construct roads and forts and is the only non-Worker unit able to do so.

Historical InfoEdit

The Roman Legion is - justifiably - the most famous military unit from antiquity. Armed with a "pilum" (throwing spear), and "gladius" (short sword) and wearing a metal helmet, cuirass and shield, Roman Legions conquered the known world. Along with the best weapons technology available at the time, the Roman Legions were highly trained and extremely disciplined. Under competent leadership there was literally no other military able to stand up to them.