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Game InfoEdit

Constructed by an Archaeologist from an Archaeological Dig.

  • Effect:
    • +4 20xCulture Culture
    • +1 20xCulture Culture and 20xGold Gold for each era of difference between the era of origin of the archaeological site and the current era
    • A temporary positive diplomatic modifier when built in other Civilization's territory.
    • A City-State Influence Influence boost when built in City-State's territory.


Only on the predetermined Antiquity Sites can these Landmarks be constructed, you have to think before deciding what to do with each site. Keep in mind that a Landmark will only be useful to you if it's within your territory and close enough to a city to be worked; otherwise it's better to extract an Artifact from the Archaeological Dig.

What's more, when the dig is another civilization's territory, extracting an Artifact from it will lead to a diplomatic incident - they will rightfully insist that the Artifact belongs to them. On the other hand, if you build a Landmark in their territory (expending your Archaeologist), they will be grateful. This is also valid in the case of City-States - you will gain some Influence Influence with them if you built a Landmark on their territory.

Historical InfoEdit

A Landmark is any magnificent artifact, structure, work of art, or wonder of nature that draws visitors to a location. Nelson's Column in London is a landmark, as is Mount Rushmore in the United States. Not every significantly sized object, however, is a landmark: the World's Largest Ball of Twine may never rise to that stature (though it might well be worth a visit).