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Game InfoEdit

Fairly weak early-game military Unit. Only the Aztecs may build it. This Unit has higher 20xStrength5 Combat Strength than the Warrior, fights more effectively in Forests and Jungles, and heals damage when it kills an enemy Unit.


The Jaguar is the Aztec unique unit, replacing the Warrior. The Jaguar receives a big bonus when battling in Jungle. It also heals damage when it destroys enemy units and has the Woodsman promotion, allowing it to move through Forest and Jungle quickly.

Historical InfoEdit

In Aztec culture, war was as much a religious rite as it was a political tool. Young men had to capture or kill enemies in order to attain high status, and ever-increasing numbers of prisoners were needed as sacrifices for the Aztecs' religious rituals. The Jaguar Knights were elite professional soldiers in the Aztec army. Clad in jaguar skins and equipped with deadly "macuahuitls" (wooden swords studded with sharp obsidian shards), the Jaguars were perhaps the deadliest light infantry found in pre-Columbian Central and North America.

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