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Game InfoEdit

Anti-personnel rocket unit of the Medieval Era. Strong against land units, but weak against cities. Only Korea may build it. Replaces the Trebuchet.


The Hwach'a is extremely effective against enemy land units. It is slow and vulnerable to enemy melee attack; it always should be supported by other units when it's in the field. The Hwach'a must "set up" (1 20xMovement5) before attacking.

Historical InfoEdit

The Hwach'a, legendary Korean anti-infantry weapon, was a unique innovation in the development of early gunpowder-based weaponry. Created during the 15th century under the supervision of King Sejong the Great, the Hwach'a consisted of a large two-wheeled cart carrying a type of "honeycomb" housing, not unlike a modern missile battery, capable of storing hundreds of gunpowder-propelled arrows. The light-weight of these early rockets, known as "Singijeon," provided the Hwach'a with a notable advantage, allowing excellent maneuverability compared to a traditional cannon. The Hwach'a would prove to be a formidable weapon for the defense of the Korean Peninsula during the Japanese invasions of the 16th century.