In the Community Patch Edit

In order to have an AI more performant, a few modifications related to Gameplay mechanisms have been made. For more information, see the Community Patch page.

In Vox Populi Edit

Additionally to the Gameplay changes of the Community Patch, the following Gameplay changes have been made in Vox Populi.

[Work in progress]

Unit movement changes : Edit

  • The limitation to one unit no longer applies to civilian units. Moreover, civilian units can be on the same tile as a unit of a civilisation you're not at war with.
  • Forts and Citadels tiles adjacent to a sea tile can be used by both land and naval units. You cannot chain them.

Combat changes : Edit

  • Most unit ranged have been changed. A lot of units can now attack and then move. City range now starts at 1 and increases with technologies.
  • Damage done when attacking a city is shared between the city and the garisson (if any). Naval unit does not count as garisson, and are destroyed if the city is taken.