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Game Info Edit

Powerful Industrial Era Siege Unit capable of firing two tiles away with Indirect Fire. Moves at half speed in enemy territory.

Abilities Edit

  • Indirect Fire
  • Bonus vs. Cities (100)
  • Cover 1
  • Half speed in enemy territory
  • Limited Visibility
  • Siege Inaccuracy
  • Naval Target Penalty

Strategy Edit

Field Guns have greater combat power than Cannons, albeit they lack the ability to see very far on their own. Use Field guns to support your Industrial Era armies, but be careful about letting the enemy get near them.

Historical Info Edit

A field gun is an artillery piece. The term was first used to describe smaller guns that could be taken with an army while marching. In battle the field gun could be quickly moved about the battlefield as needed. Guns installed in the fort, siege cannon and mortars were too large to be moved quickly, and would be used only in a long siege.