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Game InfoEdit

An improvement that grants one vote in the World Congress as long as the city-state is alive. Available from the start of the game.

  • Constructed on:
    • any terrain with no strategic or luxury resource while belonging to a city-state that does not have an Embassy in their territory.
  • Effect:
    • +1 World Congress Vote to the Embassy's owner.
      • If City-State is no longer alive, the effect no longer applies.
      • If owner of Embassy is no longer alive, transfer effect to whichever owns the owner's original capital.
      • If City-State no longer owns the territory, the Embassy loses effect regardless.
    • Permanent, cannot be pillaged unless nuked.


Embassies can only be built in City-State territory by Great Diplomats. The first player (and only the first!) to construct an Embassy in a City-State's land earns an extra vote in the World Congress. No player will receive additional votes for Embassies beyond the first one placed in a City-State's territory. An Embassy cannot be pillaged - once built, they can never be removed, and they will always grant their additional World Congress vote to the original builder. If, however, the original builder is conquered, the conqueror will take ownership of their Embassies, and their votes!

Historical InfoEdit

Embassies are one of the known diplomatic missions that are permanent and allowed two nations to foramlize diplomatic relations between each other. Throughout the ages many nations have made diplomatic envoys to other nations for purposes of seeking trade and avoiding wars.

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