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Below you will find a list of all civilizations and leaders in Vox Populi, as well as their unique abilities, improvements, units, and buildings.

Civilization Leader Unique Ability Unique Unit Unique Building/Improvement
American (Civ5)American George Washington Manifest Destiny

All land military units have +1 sight.

50% discount when purchasing tiles. +20 20xProduction Production when buying Tiles (scales).

Can Purchase tiles already owned by other Civilizations, though at a much higher Gold cost than normal.

Minuteman, replaces Musketman.

+3 20xStrength5 CS. Starts with Accuracy I.

Can move through difficult terrain as though it were clear.

Earns points towards a GoldenAge5 Golden Age when it defeats an enemy.

The Smithsonian, replaces Hermitage.

5 20xCulture Culture, 1 20xHappiness Happiness.

+25% 20xCulture Culture in the city, and 50% of the 20xCulture Culture from Great Works, World Wonders, Natural Wonders and improvements is added to the 20xTourism Tourism output of the city. Boosts 20xCulture Culture and 20xScience5 Science output of Museums and Broadcast Towers in all Cities by +5. Contains 3 Slots for Great Works of Art or Artifacts. +5 20xScience5 Science and +5 20xCulture Culture if Themed.

Does not require the Opera House in the City

Arabian (Civ5)


Harun al-Rashid One Thousand and One Nights

When you complete a Historic Event, your Capital gains +1 20xScience5 Science and +1 20xCulture Culture, and 20% towards the progress of a randomGreatPeople Great Person. 20xTourism Tourism from Historic Events increased by 30%.

Camel Archer, replaces Heavy Skirmisher.

+2 RCS.

Splash Damage II. Can withdraw before melee attacks.

Bazaar, replaces the Market.

5 20xGold Gold, 2 20xFaith Faith, 2 20xScience5 Science.

+1 20xFood Food, and +1 20xProduction Production from Spices and +1 20xFood Food and +1 20xGold Gold from Sugar worked by the city.

TradeRoute Trade Routes gain 50% range.

When any TradeRouteTrade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a TradeRouteTourism boost with the Civ based on your recent 20xCulture Culture and 20xTourism Tourism output.

+1 20xGold Gold to Trade Routes to or from the City.

Assyrian (Civ5)


Ashurbanipal Treasures of Nineveh

When you conquer a City, gain either a Technology already known by the owner or, if impossible, a large 20xScience5 Science boost. All Great Works produce +3 20xScience5 Science.

Siege Tower.

May only be built by the Assyrians. Unique support unit. Nearby owned units gain +40% 20xStrength5 Combat Strength versus cities when ST is adjacent to city, and +20% 20xStrength5 when it is two tiles from city. Starts with Medic 1 & 2 and Extra Sight. May only have two active at a time.

Royal Library, replaces School of Philosophy.
5 20xCulture Culture, 3 20xScience5 Science and, 1 Great Scientist Points.

+1 20xScience5 Science for every 2 20xPopulationCitizens in the city, and all Libraries produce +3 20xScience5 Science.

Free Library.

Every Great Work of Writing you control grants +5 XP to units created in any City (maximum of +45 XP).

Has 3 slots for Great Works of Writing, comes with Flood Tablet, and is available earlier than the School of Philosophy. +3 20xProduction Production if Themed.

Austrian (Civ5)


Maria Theresa Habsburg Diplomacy

+50% rewards from City State quests. Use 20xGold Gold to arrange Marriages to City-States. While at peace with the City-State, Marriages eliminate Influence Influence decay, grant +1 Delegate to World Congress, and +15% GreatPeople Great Person Rate in the Capital Capital.

Hussar, replaces Curaissier.

+2 20xStrength5 CS and +4 RCS.

Starts with Promotions that give +1 Sight, +15% 20xStrength5 combat bonus when attacking, +1 20xMovement5 Movement, and ability to ignore Zone of Control.

Coffee House, replaces Grocer.

3 20xFood Food.

+33% GreatPeople Great People generation in this City. 10% of this city's 20xCulture Culture is converted into 20xScience5 Science every turn. Carries over 15% of 20xFood Food after City growth. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5 Poverty. Nearby Tobacco provides +3 20xGold Gold, Coffee +1 20xGold Gold and +2 20xProduction Production, and Tea +2 20xGold Gold and +1 20xProduction Production.

1 Merchant Specialist.

4 20xGold Maintenance.

Babylonian (Civ5)Babylonian Nebuchadnezzar II Ingenuity

Receive a free Great Scientist when you discover Writing. Earn Great Scientists 50% faster. 20xGold Gold investments in Buildings reduce their 20xProduction Production cost by an additional 15%.

Bowman, replaces Composite Bowman.

+2 20xStrength5 Combat and +3

Ranged Combat. Starts with Indirect Fire Promotion (allows ranged attacks over obstacles. -10% RCS).

Walls of Babylon, replaces Walls.

Increase 20xStrength5 Defense Strength by 15 and 20xStrength5 Hit Points by 75. +1 20xScience5 Science. 1 Scientist Specialist slot. +10% supply cap from Pop.

1 20xGold Maintenance.

Brazilian (Civ5)


Pedro II Carnival

When a GoldenAge5 Golden Age begins, 50% of GoldenAge5 Golden Age points convert into 20xGold Gold and 20xTourism Tourism, and cities gain ten turns of Carnival.

+25% 20xCulture Culture and -50% 20xUnhappiness5unhappiness from needs in cities during Carnival.

Bandeirantes, Replaces Explorer.

+2 20xStrength5 CS. +1 20xMovement5 Movement.

Generates 20xGold Gold, 20xScience5 Science and 20xCulture Culture in the nearest owned City whenever you reveal tiles with this unit.

Can build mines, quarries, brazilwood camps, and Forts in owned territory.

Brute Force promotion (+33% 20xStrength5 Combat Bonus vs Barbarians) and Survivalism III. Ignores Terrain Cost.

As well as the other Explorer promotions.

Brazilwood Camp.

Can only be built on Jungle or Forest and not adjancent. +2 20xGold Gold, +1 20xCulture Culture.

+2 20xCulture Culture with Acoustics, Radio, and Physics.

Provides 1 Brazilwood Resource.

Unlocks at Calendar.

Monopoly yields +2 20xCulture Culture to base resource yield

Another +1 20xProduction Production (tied to Hexxon Refineries Corp)

Byzantine (Civ5)Byzantine Theodora Patriarchate of Constantinople

Is always eligible to found a Religion, and receives an additional Belief when founding a Religion. Is allowed to choose from Beliefs already in other Religions.

-15% 20xFaith Faith purchase costs, and may purchase unlocked GreatPeople Great People as early as the Classical Era.

Cataphract, replaces Knight.

+5 20xStrength5 CS, has Cover I, and gains defensive terrain bonuses. Slightly smaller of a Penalty vs Cities and can move after attacking.

+30% on Open Terrain.

-1 20xMovement5 Movement.

Basilica, replaces Temple.

2 20xCulture Culture, 3 20xFaith Faith.

+1 20xFaith Faith for every 2 20xPopulation Citizens +1 20xCulture Culture and +1 20xGold Gold from Incense, Wine and Amber. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5Religious Unrest and doubles Religious Pressure generated by TradeRoute Trade Routes, and generates religious pressure.

1 20xGoldmaintenance.

Carthaginian (Civ5)Carthaginian Dido Phoenician Heritage

Cities produce 125 20xGold Gold when founded. Bonus scales with Era. All owned coastal Cities receive a free Lighthouse.

Resource diversity: doubles if positive, half if negative value of TradeRoute Trade Routes.

Quinquereme, replaces Trireme.
Available earlier and slightly cheaper. +4 20xStrength5 Combat. Starts with the Reconnaissance Promotion (gains experience from exploration).
Great Cothon, replaces East India Company.

+5 20xGold Gold for outgoing Trade Routes, +3 20xGold Gold for incoming TradeRoute Trade Routes.

Resource diversity: +25% if positive, -25% if negative value of TradeRoute trade routes.

All Harbors gain +3 20xProduction Production and all Lighthouses gain +2 20xCulture Culture.

Receive a free copy of all Luxury Resources around the City.

Reduces 20xUnhappiness5 Poverty. Available earlier, requires a Market and not a Customs House.

Grants two additional TradeRoute Trade Routes.

Chinese (Civ5)


Wu Zetian Mandate of Heaven

Creating Great Works or gaining Cities grants "We love the Empress" and +1 20xFood Food and 20xCulture Culture in all Cities. These bonuses decline with every new era due to dynastic transition.

"WLTED" grants +10% 20xFood Food.

Chu-Ko-Nu, replaces Crossbowman.

+1 20xStrength5 CS. Starts with Logistics.

Paper Maker, replaces Library.

2 20xScience5 Science, 1 20xCulture Culture.

+1 20xGold Gold for every 4 20xPopulation Citizens in the city. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5 Illiteracy slightly.

1 Scientist specialist.

10% more 20xGold Gold in city during WLTED.

Danish (Civ5)


Harald Bluetooth Viking Fury

Embarked units have +1 20xMovement5 Movement and pay just 1


movement point to move from sea to land. All Melee Land Units gain the Viking Promotion; Naval Melee Units gain the Longboat Promotion.

Viking: No 20xMovement5Movement Cost to Pilage. Gain 200% of Dmg dealt as 20xGold Gold. 25% CS on Pillaged Tiles. -25% Dmg from Cities.

Longboat: No Movement Cost to Pilage. Gain 200% of Dmg dealt as 20xGold Gold. Ignore Zone of Control. -20% Dmg from Cities.

Berserker, replaces Longswordsman.

Is available earlier and slightly cheaper.

Has +1 20xMovement5 Movement and gets Amphibious and Charge I Promotions as well as Shock I.

Runestone, replaces Lighthouse.

2 20xCulture Culture.

Gain 5 20xCulture Culture/20xProduction Production in City when you pillage a tile, scaling with Era.

+25% 20xProduction towards Land and Naval Melee Units.

+2 20xFood Food and +1 20xGold Gold from Coast and Ocean Tiles, and can make 20xCityConnection City Connections over water.

Does not require a Coastal Tile.

1 20xGold Maintenance.

Egyptian (Civ5)Egyptian Ramesses II Monument Builders

+20% 20xProduction Production towards Wonder construction, +40% during GoldenAge5 Golden Ages. Artifacts gain +5 20xScience5 Science and 20xCulture Culture, and Landmarks gain +5 20xGold Gold and 20xTourism Tourism.

War Chariot, replaces Chariot Archer.

Does not require horses. +1 20xStrength5 Combat and Ranged Combat, and 20xMovement5 Movement. Receives Gift of the Pharaoh Promotion (Receive 20xProduction Production in the Capital Capital when you defeat an enemy unit).

Burial Tomb, replaces Caravansary.

1 20xFaith Faith.

1 Great Work of Art of Artifact slot. Receive a free unique Egyptian Artifact when constructed.

When a TradeRoute Land Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a 20xTourism Tourism boost with the Civ based on your recent 20xCulture Culture and 20xTourism Tourism output. TradeRoute Land Trade Routes gain +50% range and +2 20xGold Gold.

Merchant Specialists in this city gain +1 Gold.

+1 20xGold and +1 20xFood for every 2 Tundra or 2 Desert Tiles worked.

Nearby Truffles provide +2 20xGold Gold, Cotton +1 20xProduction Production and +1 20xCulture Culture, and Furs +1 20xGold Gold and +1 20xProduction Production.

English (Civ5)


Elizabeth Perfidious Albion

All Naval and Embarked Units gain +1 20xMovement5 Movement, Naval Unit Gold maintenance reduced by 25%. Starts with a spy, gains additional spies in the Renaissance, and spies begin at the rank of Agent.

Ship of the Line, replaces Frigate.

Starts with Logistics. +4 20xStrength5 CS and +4 20xRangedStrength5 RCS, +1 Sight.

Steam Mill, replaces Factory.

3 20xProduction Production.

+1 20xProduction Production for every 2 20xPopulation Citizens in the City. +3 20xProduction Production from Coal worked by this City.

Trade Routes other players make to this City generate +3 20xGold Gold for the City owner and +3 20xGold Gold for the Trade Route owner.

+420xProduction Production from Manufactories.

Has 2 Engineer Specialist slots.

Does not require Coal to build, comes earlier and is cheaper.

6 20xGold Maintenance.

Ethiopian (Civ5)Ethiopian Haile Selassie Solomonic Wisdom

When you complete a Policy Branch, adopt a Belief, or choose your first Ideology, receive a free Technology. +1 20xFaith Faith on Strategic Resources.

Mehal Sefari, replaces Fusilier.

Slightly cheaper. + 5 20xStrength5 CS. Starts with Cover I,

and Promotions that give bonuses when fighting in their own territory and near the Capital.

+50% vs Mounted

Stele, replaces Monument.

2 20xCulture Culture, +3 20xFaith Faith.

20xCulture Culture costs of acquiring new tiles reduced by 33% in the City. +25% 20xFaith Faith during GoldenAge5 Golden Ages.

French (Civ5)


Napoleon Bonaparte Esprit de Corps

When you conquer an enemy City, you gain GreatPeople Great Writer/ Artist/ Musician Points in the Capital Capital and a temporary boost to 20xCulture Culture and 20xProduction Production in all Cities.

+10% Damage versus Units and Cities for every attack against them during a turn.

Musketeer, replaces Tercio.

+5 20xStrength5 CS.

+50% vs Mounted.

Starts with Lightning Warfare Promotion (+15% 20xStrength5 Combat Combat Bonus when attacking.

+1 20xMovement5 Movement. Ignore enemy Zones of Control).


Must be built adjacent to a Luxury resource, but not adjacent to another Chateau. +2 20xCulture Culture, +3 20xGold Gold, +3 20xFood Food.

Provides a +50% 20xStrength5  defense bonus to units stationed on its tile.

Gains +2 20xGold Gold +1 20xCulture Culture with Flight. +1 20xCulture Culture with Printing Press. Unlocks at Chivalry.

German (Civ5)German Otto Von Bismarck Realpolitik

Receive +2 GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points, +2 20xScience5 Science and +2 20xCulture Culture in the Capital for every City-State you are allied with, and +1 for each per CS friend. Bonus scales with era. For every 3 City-State alliances, receive 1 additional Delegate in the World Congress.

Panzer, replaces Tank.
+5 20xStrength5 Combat and +1 20xMovement5 Movement. Starts with Armor Plating I Promotion (+25% 20xStrength5 Combat Bonus when defending). Available Earlier.
Hanse, replaces Customs House.

3 20xCulture Culture, 5 20xGold Gold.

+5% 20xProduction Production for each TradeRoute Trade Route your Civilization has with a City-State.

When any TradeRoute Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a 20xTourism Tourism boost with the Civ based on your recent 20xCulture Culture output.

Trade routes to or from this City gain +2 20xGold Gold.

10% of the city's 20xGold Gold output is added to the city's 20xScience5 Science every turn.

2 Merchant Specialist

Greek (Civ5)


Alexander the Great Hellenic League

Influence City-State Influence degrades at half and recovers at twice the normal rate. Each City-State alliance boosts the 20xStrength5 Strength of owned and allied Units by +5% (up to 25% total).

Hoplite, replaces Spearman.

+3 20xStrength5 CS. Starts with Great Generals II and Discipline (+5% 20xStrength5 CS and +5 20xStrength5 CS% when adjacent to a friendly unit) Promotions.

Acropolis, replaces Amphitheater.

3 20xCulture Culture, 10 20xStrength5 Defense. +3 20xTourism Tourism.

+33% Great Writer rate in the City, and all Writers' Guilds produce +1 20xGold Gold.

Gain +5 20xCulture Culture when you destroy an enemy unit, scaling with era.

Nearby Dye and Silk provide +1 20xCulture Culture and +1 20xGold Gold, and Lapis Lazuli +2 20xCulture Culture.

1 20xGold Maintenance.

Indian (Civ5)


Gandhi Font of Dharma

Starts with a Pantheon and Great Prophets require 50% less 20xFaith Faith. Each Follower of your majority or founded Religion in a City increases Religious Pressure and 20xFood Growth in that City. Cannot build Missionaries.

Naga-Malla, replaces Cuirassier.

+5 20xStrength5 Combat, +4 Ranged Combat and cannot move after attacking. Does not require Horses, and is available earlier. Starts with Feared Elephant Promotion (Enemy units receive -10% 20xStrength5 CS when adjacent to any unit with this promotion).

Harappan Reservoir, replaces Aqueduct.

4 20xFood Food, 2 20xProduction Production.

Carries over 20% of 20xFood Food after City growth and +25% of the City's 20xProduction Production is added to current Production.

+1 20xProduction Production from Flood Plains and +2 20xFood Food from Lakes, Oasis, and Farms. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5Poverty Slightly.

1 20xGold Maintenance.

Indonesian (Civ5)Indonesian Gajah Mada Spice Islanders

Every time you found a City, one of three unique Luxuries will appear next to or under the City.

Kris Swordsman, replaces Swordsman.

Starts with Mystic Blade Promotion (Promotion is replaced with a randomly chosen new promotion after the unit completes its first combat).

Candi, replaces Garden.

2 20xFaith Faith and 2 20xCulture Culture.

A Clove, Pepper or Nutmeg Resource will appear near or under this City when built. +25% GreatPeople Great People generation in the City, and +20% to 20xCulture Culture and 20xFaith Faith during We Love the King Day.

+1 20xFood Food and +1 20xGold Gold from Citrus and Cocoa worked by this city.

2 20xGold Maintenance.

Japanese (Civ5)Japanese Oda Nobunaga Shogunate

UA: +1 20xCulture Culture and 20xFaith Faith from Defense and Military Training Buildings. When a Great Admiral or Great General is born, receive GreatPeopleGreat Artist, Writer, and Musician Points in your Capital Capital.

Samurai, replaces Longswordsman.

+4 20xStrength5 Combat. Starts with the Great Generals II and Quick Study (earns experience toward promotions 50% faster) Promotions.

Dojo, replaces Armory.

3 20xCulture Culture, 5 20xScience5 Science.

Does not require a Barracks to be built. Grants +25 Experience to all military units trained in the City.

Reduces Crime.

All Melee, Gun, Mounted, and Armored units trained in the city gain the Eight Virtues of Bushido Promotion (Promotion is replaced with a randomly chosen new promotion after the unit completes its first combat).

+2 Supply Cap.

When Units Promote, Gain Culture and Science based on their current level.

2 20xGold Maintenance.

Korean (Civ5)


Sejong the Great Scholars of the Jade Hall

+1 20xScience5 Science from all Specialists, increasing by +1 in the Medieval, Industrial, and Atomic Eras.

GreatPeople Great People earned 30% faster during Golden Ages.

+50 GoldenAge5 GAP from GreatPeople GP birth (Scaling).

Hwach'a, replaces Trebuchet.

-1 RCS. Stronger against land units but weaker against cities. Starts with the Cover I and Logistics (may attack twice -20% RCS) Promotions.

Seowon, replaces University.

2 20xFaith Faith, 3 20xScience5 Science.

Has 2 Scientists. 15% more 20xScience5 Science during GoldenAge5 Golden Ages.

+1 20xScience5 Science from Jungle and Forest tiles worked by the City.

Gain 50% of the 20xScience5 Science output of the City as an instant boost when a 20xPopulation Citizen is born in this City. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5 Illiteracy.

2 20xGold Maintenance.

Mongolian (Civ5)Mongolian Genghis Khan Mongol Terror

Mounted Ranged units (and Helicopter Gunships/Armored Cars) gain +2 20xMovement5Movement and ignore Zone of Control. Forcefully annex City-States instead of exacting Heavy Tribute, and receive GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points when you conquer or annex a City-State.

Added 50 turn (scaling with gamespeed) hard cooldown on CS annexation.

Khan, replaces Great General.

+3 20xMovement5 Movement and heals adjacent units for an addition 10 HP (stacks with Medic I & II).

Ger, replaces Granary.

1 20xFood Food, 1 20xFaith Faith and no Maintenance cost.

15% of 20xFood Food is carried over after a new 20xPopulation Citizen is born.

20xGold Gold and 20xCulture Culture Cost of acquiring new tiles reduced by 25% in the City. +1 20xFood Food from Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Wheat, Bananas, Deer, and Bison worked by the City.

1 20xGold Maintenance.

Moroccan (Civ5)Moroccan Ahmad al-Mansur Gateway to Africa

+1 to all Yields in Capital per unique Trade Route partner, scaling with Era. TradeRouteTrade Route yields to or from Moroccan cities are not affected by distance. Can plunder Trade Units connected to unowned cities without declaring war.

Berber Cavalry, replaces Cavalry.

+2 20xStrength5 CS and +3 RCS. Receives combat bonuses when fighting in Moroccan territory. Ignores terrain movement penalties.


+1 20xFood Food, +2 20xProduction Production, +2 20xGold Gold, +2 20xCulture Culture.

+2 20xGold Gold to adjacent Fishing Boats and +1 20xCulture Culture to adjacent Coast tiles.

Provides a +30% 20xStrength5 defense bonus to units stationed on its tile, deals 5 damage to adjacent military units, and connects any resources underneath it to your trade network. Can only be built adjacent to an owned City.

+1 20xCulture Culture and

+1 20xGold Gold at Architecture. +1 20xCulture Culture at Radio Unlocks at Chivalry.

Persian (Civ5)


Darius I Achaemenid Legacy

GoldenAge5 Golden Ages last 50% longer, and 10% of your 20xGold Gold income (after expenses) output converts into GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points every turn. During a GoldenAge5 Golden Age, units receive +1 20xMovement5Movement and +15% 20xStrength5 combat Strength.

Immortal, replaces Spearman.

+2 20xStrength5 Combat. Heals more quickly, and starts with the Armour Plating I (+25% 20xStrength5 Combat Bonus when defending) promotion.

Satrap's Court, replaces Courthouse.

1 20xGold Gold, +1 20xGold Gold for each Merchant, Scientist, and Engineer in the city, 1 20xHappiness Happiness.

+1 20xGold Gold and +1 GoldenAge5 Golden Age Points for every 5 20xPopulation Citizens in the City. Eliminates 20xUnhappiness5 Extra Unhappiness from an Occupied City. Can be built in any City.

1 Merchant Specialist slot.

Polish (Civ5)


Casimir III Solidarity

Starting in the Classical Era, gain a free Social Policy every other Era, and gain two additional free Tenets when you adopt an Ideology for the first time.

Winged Hussar, replaces Lancer.

+5 20xStrength5 Combat and +1 20xMovement5 Movement. Starts with Heavy Charge (Forces defenders to retreat when it inflicts more damage than it receives. If a defender cannot retreat it takes extra damage.) and Formation I Promotions.

Ducal Stable, replaces Stable.

3 20xProduction Production.

+50% 20xProduction Production towards and +15 XP for Mounted Melee Units. Nearby Horses, Sheep and Cattle Provide +3 20xProduction Production and +3 20xGold Gold.

+10% supply cap from Pop.

Provides 1 Horse.

2 20xGold Maintenance.

Polynesian (Civ5)Polynesian Kamehameha Wayfinding

Embarked Units gain +1 Sight. Can embark and move over Oceans immediately. +2 20xFood Food from Fishing Boats and Atolls; Melee Naval Units can build Fishing Boats.

No 20xUnhappiness5 Unhappiness from Isolation.

Maori Warrior, replaces Pikeman.

+4 20xStrength5 CS. Slightly cheaper. Unlocks at Chivalry instead of Steel. Starts with the Haka War Dance Promotion (-15% 20xStrength5 Combat Strength for adjacent enemy units). But no +50% vs Mounted.


+1 20xCulture Culture and +1 20xProduction Production.

+1 20xCulture Culture and 20xProduction Production for each adjacent Moai. +20% 20xStrength5 CS to nearby Units (3 tiles).

+1 20xProduction Production at Engineering. +1 20xCulture Culture at Astronomy. +1 20xCulture Culture at Architecture. +1 20xGold Gold at Flight. Unlocks at Construction.

Portuguese (Civ5)Portuguese Maria I Mare Clausum

When your TradeRoute Trade Units move, receive +5 20xScience5 Science, 20xGold Gold, and Great Admiral Points (for Cargo Ships), or Great General Points (for Caravans), scaling with era.

Nau, replaces Caravel.

+5 20xStrength5 CS. Starts with +1 Sight, and Withdraw Before Melee Promotions. Can perform an ability when adjacent to City-States or a peaceful Civ to earn Gold and XP, based on distance from capital.

Each Nau can perform this action twice. If possible, when a Nau sells its exotic cargo to a city state, a Feitoria is automatically created in its territory.


+3 20xProduction Production, +3 20xGold Gold. +25% 20xStrength5 Defense .

+2 20xCulture Culture at Printing Press. +2 20xGold Gold at Astronomy. +2 20xProduction Production at Industrialization. Can only be built on a coastal tile without a resource, and not adjacent to another Feitoria.

If built in owned lands by a worker, adjacent coastal water and lake tiles gain +1 20xGold Gold and adjacent Fishing Boats gain +1 20xProduction Production.

If built by Naus in a city state, Provides 1 copy of each Luxury Resource type that City-State has connected, regardless of status. The copy cannot be traded. TradeRoute Trade Routes to City-States with a Feitoria produce bonus 20xProduction Production and 20xFood Food based on your 20xGold Gold income from the TradeRoute Trade Route. Provides a 25% 20xStrength5 defense bonus, as well as vision of its tile and all tiles within a radius of 2.

Unlocks at Compass.

Roman (Civ5)


Augustus Caesar The Glory of Rome

When you conquer a City, the City retains all valid Buildings and you immediately acquire additional territory around the City. +15% 20xProduction Production towards Buildings present in the Capital.

Legion, replaces Swordsman.

+2 20xStrength5 Combat. Can build roads and forts. Starts with the Cover I Promotion.

Pilum - 10 damage to adjacent enemies every turn you are fortified

Colosseum, replaces Arena.

3 20xCulture Culture, 3 20xProduction Production, 2 20xTourism Tourism.

Gain +5 Great General or Great Admiral points and +5 GoldenAge5 Golden Age points when you destroy an enemy unit. City connections produce +2% more 20xGold Gold. +2 20xProduction Production for Barracks, Forge and Armory. Nearby Perfume provide +2 20xCulture Culture, and Olives +1 20xFood Food and +1 20xGold Gold. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5 Boredom Slightly.

1 20xGold Maintenance.

Russian (Civ5)Russian Catherine Siberian Riches

All Strategic Resources provide double their normal quantity. Border growth rate +25% and receive +20 20xScience5 Science when you acquire a tile naturally, scaling with Era.

Cossack, replaces Cavalry.

+5 20xStrength5 Combat and Ranged Combat. +33% 20xStrength5 Combat bonus battling damaged units. 20% Chance to force an enemy unit to retreat after taking ranged damage. If the unit cannot retreat, it takes 50% more damage than normal.

Ostrog, replaces Arsenal.

3 20xProduction Production, +25 20xStrength5 Defense, +200 20xStrength5 HP. +1 20xProduction Production and +1 20xGold Gold from Camps, Mines, Lumbermills, and Strategic Resources.

Enemy Land Units must expend 1 20xMovement5 extra Movement per Tile if they move into a Tile worked by the City.

Reduced Maintenance cost and Production.

Available earlier.

+10% supply cap from Pop.

5 20xGold Maintenance.

Siamese (Civ5)Siamese Ramkhamhaeng Father Governs Children

Yields from friendly and allied City-States increased by 75%. The Combat Strength of Allied City-State Capitals is increased by +25%. Influence Influence when you meet a CS starts at 35.

Naresuan's Elephant, replaces Knight.

+2 20xStrength5 Combat, -1 20xMovement5 Movement. +50% 20xStrength5 Combat Strength against other mounted units. Starts with the Feared Elephant promotion (Enemy units receive -10% 20xStrength5 CS when adjacent to any unit with this promotion).

Wat, replaces Constabulary.

4 20xCulture Culture, 1 20xFaith Faith, 2 20xScience5 Science.

Reduces enemy spy stealing rate by 50%. +2 20xScience5 Science from Temples and Shrines in this City, and +1 20xCulture Culture from Jungle and Forest tiles worked by the City. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5Crime.

1 Scientist Specialist slot.

2 20xGold Maintenance.

Songhai (Civ5)Songhai Askia River Warlord

Triple 20xGold Gold from pillaging Encampments and Cities. Land Units gain the War Canoe and Amphibious promotions, and move faster along Rivers. Rivers can create 20xCityConnection City Connections.

Mandekalu Cavalry, replaces Horseman.

No penalty versus cities. Starts with the Raider Promotion (Flank attack bonus increased by 100%. Steal 20xGold Gold equal to 50% of the damage inflicted on a city. Is able to use enemy roads).

Tabya, replaces Stone Works.

3 20xProduction Production, 1 20xCulture Culture. +1 20xProduction Production to all River tiles near the city, and +10% 20xProduction Production when constructing Buildings in the City.

Nearby Marble, Salt, and Jade provide +1 20xProduction Production and +1 20xGold Gold, and Stone +2 20xProduction Production.

1 20xGold Maintenance.

Spanish (Civ5)Spanish Isabella Reconquista

Religions cannot spread to owned Cities or allied City-States with your majority or founded Religion. Gaining or founding cities generates 20xFaith Faith and 20xFood Food and converts them to your religion. May purchase Naval units with 20xFaith Faith.

Conquistador, replaces Knight.

+5 20xStrength5 CS. +2 Sight. Can found new cities on a foreign continent that does not contain the Spanish Capital. Has the Defensive Embarkation Promotion that allows it to defend itself against Naval Units. No penalty when attacking cities.

Mission, replaces Castle.

+18 20xStrength5 Defense, +125 20xStrength5 HP. Gain 3x the 20xFood Food and 20xGold Gold output of the City, respectively, as an Instant Boost every time a 20xPopulation Citizen is born in the City.

Boosts Pressure of Religious Majority emanating from the city by 15%

. Does not require Walls in order to be built, and can be purchased with 20xFaith Faith.

+10% supply cap from Pop.

No 20xGold Maintenance.

Swedish (Civ5)Swedish Gustavus Adolphus Lion of the North

Land Melee Units receive +20% 20xStrength5 Strength when Attacking, and Siege Units gain +1 20xMovement5 Movement. If a Great General is born, all Military Units are healed and receive +15 XP.

Great Generals give +15% more.

Carolean, replaces Tercio.

+2 20xStrength5 Combat. Starts with the March Promotion. +15% 20xStrength5 CS when stacked w/ a Great General

'Grenadier' promotion - when you advance from killing a unit, all newly-adjacent units immediately take 10 damage.

Skola, replaces Public School.

Reduced maintenance and Production cost. +1 20xCulture Culture for every 3 20xPopulation Citizens, +1 20xScience5 Science for every 20xPopulation Citizen in the City. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5 Illiteracy. 2 Scientists.

5 20xGold Maintenance.

Aztec (Civ5)


Montezuma Sacrificial Captives

Receive 20xGold Gold and 20xFaith Faith (100% of Unit's Strength) for each enemy unit you kill. When you complete a favorable Peace Treaty, a GoldenAge5 Golden Age begins.

Jaguar, replaces Warrior.

+3 20xStrength5 CS. +33% 20xStrength5  Combat Strength when battling in Jungles or Forests. Heals 25 when it destroys enemy units. Starts with the Woodsman Promotion.

Floating Gardens, replaces Water Mill.

3 20xFood Food , 3 20xProduction Production.

+1 20xFood Food and +1 20xProduction Production for every 4 20xPopulation Citizens in the City.

Each worked Lake tile provides +2 20xFood Food , and River tiles produce +1 20xFood Food .

1 20xGold Maintenance.

Celtic (Civ5)


Boudicca Druidic Lore

Has a unique set of Pantheon Beliefs that no one else can benefit from.

Cities with your Religion generate nor receive foreign Religious Pressure.

+3 20xFaith Faith in owned Cities where your Religion is the majority.

Pictish Warrior, replaces Spearman.

+2 20xStrength5 Combat. Comes earlier. Double 20xMovement5 Movement and +25% 20xStrength5 defense in Hills, Snow and Tundra. Can pillage enemy improvements at no additional movement cost. Earns 200% of opponents' strength as Faith for kills.

Ceilidh Hall, replaces Circus.

4 20xCulture Culture, 2 20xFaith Faith , 1 20xHappiness Happiness.

Provides a modest sum of 20xCulture Culture when completed and 15 turns of WLTKD.

Nearby Ivory provides +3 20xCulture Culture. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5 Boredom.

Contains 1 Great Work of Music slot, and 1 Musician Specialist slot.

Receives modest yield increases from Celtic Pantheons.

2 20xGold Maintenance.

Hunnic (Civ5)


Atilla Scourge of God

Mounted melee units deal more flanking damage and can capture units, and defeated Barbarians in Encampments join you.When you gain Grassland or Plains tiles naturally, adjacent unowned tiles of the same type are also claimed.

Horse Archer, replaces Skirmisher.

+2 20xStrength5 CS and RCS. Starts with the Accuracy I promotion. Does not require Horses.


+1 20xProduction Production +1 20xFood Food +1 20xCulture Culture. Can only be built on flat Grassland or Plain tiles without access to Fresh Water. Gains additional 20xProduction Production if adjacent to two other Eki. Removes any features on the tile. Can be built in or adjacent to Hunnic territory. +1 20xFood Food and +1 20xProduction Production at Chivalry. +1 20xProduction Production at Ecology. +1 20xGold Gold at Economics. +1 20xFood Food at Fertilizer. Unlocks at Trade.

Incan (Civ5)


Pachacuti Great Andean Road

Units ignore terrain costs when on Hills and may cross Mountains. Cities, Roads and Railroads may be built on Mountains. Mountains provide 20xScience5 Science and 20xFood Food, scaling with Era.

Slinger, replaces Archer.

-1 20xStrength5 CS. Can attack twice in one turn. Starts with the Withdraw Before Melee Promotion.

Terrace Farm.

+1 20xFood Food, +2 20xProduction Production.

Can only be built on Hills. +1 20xFood Food per adjacent Mountain. +1 20xFood Food per adjacent Terrace Farm, and all adjacent farms gain +1 20xFood Food. Civil Service +1 20xFood Food if fresh water. Fertilizer +1 20xFood Food if not fresh water. Unlocks at Masonry.

Iroquois (Civ5)Iroquois Hiawatha The Great Warpath

Units move through Forest and Jungle in as if it is Road, and can be used to establish 20xCityConnection City Connections. Land military units start with the Woodsman promotion.

Mohawk Warrior, replaces Swordsman.

+1 20xStrength5 Combat. +33% 20xStrength5 Combat when fighting on Forest and Jungle tiles. Does not require Iron.

Longhouse, replaces Herbalist.

2 20xFood Food, 1 20xCulture Culture.

+1 20xProduction Production and +1 20xFood Food from Forest and Jungle Tiles and Plantations. worked by the City.

Does not boost Camps.

Requires a nearby, workable Forest or Jungle tile to be constructed.

1 20xGoldMaintenance.

Mayan (Civ5)


Pacal The Long Count

After researching Mathematics, receive a bonus GreatPeople Great Person at the end of every Maya Long Count cycle (every 394 years). Each bonus person can only be chosen once.

Atlatlist, replaces Composite Bowman.

+1 Ranged Combat. Available earlier. Receives the Atlatl Strike Promotion (+50% Ranged Combat Strength VS Wounded Units).


+1 20xScience5 Science, +2 20xFaith Faith.

Can only be constructed in Forest or Jungles, and not adjacent to another Kuna.

+2 20xScience5 Science at Mathematics. +2 20xScience5 Science at Astronomy. +2 20xScience5 Science at Archaeology. +2 20xCulture Culture at Flight.

Unlocks at Construction.

Dutch (Civ5)


William Dutch East India Company

+3 20xGold Gold/20xCulture Culture per import AND/OR export, scaling. In addition, can import duplicates of resources they control, and imports count towards resource Monopolies.

Bonuses scale with Era.

Sea Beggar, replaces Corvette.

+5 20xStrength5 Combat. Starts with the Coastal Raider I and II, Prize Ships (Defeated enemy naval units may join your side), and Supply Promotions.


+3 20xFood Food, +2 20xGold Gold, +1 20xProduction Production. May be built on tiles with access to fresh water. +1 20xGold Gold for each adjacent Village or Town (Colonia). + 1 20xProduction Production +2 20xGold Gold at Economics. +1 20xCulture Culture at Chemistry. Unlocks at Guilds.

Ottoman (Civ5)Ottoman Suleiman Tanzimat

Completing a TradeRoute Trade Route grants +150 20xScience5 Science, 20xProduction Production and 20xFood Food to the origin City if international, or 20xCulture Culture and and 20xGold Gold if internal. Bonuses scale with era.

Janissary, replaces Musketman.

+3 20xStrength5  Combat and Ranged Combat. +25% 20xStrength5 Combat Strength when attacking, and starts with the March Promotion.

Siege Foundry, replaces Forge.

3 20xProduction Production. 1 20xScience5 Science.

+50% 20xProduction Production towards Siege units. All Siege units trained in the City receive the Volley Promotion for free. Nearby Iron and Copper provide +1 20xProduction Production and +1 20xGold Gold. +2 20xProduction Production from mines worked by this city.

When you construct a Unit in this City, gain 20% of 20xProduction Production as 20xScience5 Science.

1 20xGold Maintenance.

Shoshone (Civ5)Shoshone Pocatello Great Expanse

Founded cities start with additional territory. Units receive a combat bonus when fighting within their own territory.

All recon units can choose goody huts.

Comanche Rider, replaces Cavalry.

+1 20xMovement5 Movement,

Can Pillage without spending 1 Move, Chance to Withdraw before Melee.


+2 20xFood Food, +1 20xProduction Production, +1 20xCulture Culture.

Can not be built adjacent to other Encampments. +15% 20xStrength5 Defense. Enemy units take 5 damage if they end their turn next to an Encampment. +1 20xCulture Culture and +1 20xFood Food at Rifling. +1 20xProduction Production and +1 20xScience5 Science at Ecology. Unlocks at Military Theory.

Zulu (Civ5)


Shaka Iklwa

Melee and Gun units cost 50% less maintenance, units require 25% less experience to earn their next promotion.

Your military is 50% more effective at intimidating City-States, and you recieve 25% more yields from demanding tribute.

Impi, replaces Tercio.

+3 20xStrength5 Combat. Has a bonus against mounted units. Starts with Spear Throw Promotion (before engaging in melee, this unit has an extra attack).

Ikanda, replaces Barracks.

1 20xCulture Culture, 1 20xScience5 Science.

Grants Buffalo promotions to melee units trained in the City (Buffalo Horns: +1 20xMovement5 Movement, +25% 20xStrength5 Flank, +10% 20xStrength5 Defense vs Ranged). +15 XP for all units. Reduces 20xUnhappiness5 Crime slightly.

+2 Supply Cap.

Comes at Bronze Working and not Military Theory.

1 20xGold Maintenance.

Venetian (Civ5)Venetian Enrico Dandolo Serenissima

Cannot found or annex cities. TradeRoute Trade Route maximum doubled, and receive a free Merchant of Venice after researching Trade. -30% Yield penalties for Puppets, and can spend 20xGold Gold in them. +20% Great Merchant Rate per owned Puppet City.

Merchant of Venice, replaces Great Merchant.

Can purchase City-States, bringing them under Venetian control as a Puppet. Can construct a Colonia, 4 20xFood Food, 4 20xGold Gold, 3 20xCulture Culture, acquires all tiles adjacent to itself when constructed, can constructed on unowned tiles adjacent to owned territory, and the normal road/trade routes boosts of the Town. +2 20xGold Gold at Guilds. +2 20xCulture Culture at Economics. +2 20xFood Food at Fertilizer.

Piazza San Marco, replaces National Monument.

1 20xCulture Culture, 2 20xFood Food, 2 20xGold Gold, 1 20xScience5 Science, 2 20xProduction Production.

+33% GreatPeople Great People rate in city. Enemy spies cannot perform Advanced Spy Actions in this city. Only buildable in the Capital. Unlocks access to Murano Glassworks, Arsenale di Venezia, and Rialto District once Guilds is researched.

Choose one:

Murano Glassworks: GreatPeople Great Person Improvements and villages worked gain 2 20xFood Food and 2 20xTourism Tourism in all cities. Provides 2 Great Work Slots for Art or Artifacts, +5 20xScience5 Science if themed. 1 Artist Specialist.

Rialto District: Cost of 20xGold Gold purchases in all cities reduced by 10% (15% in capital). Provides 1 World Congress Delegate for every 100 20xGold Gold per turn produced, caps at 25% of all City States ever alive. TradeRoute Trade Route to and from this city produce +3 20xGold Gold. 1 Merchant specialist.

Arsenale di Venezia: +15% 20xProduction Production in city. +6 20xStrength5 Defense. Naval units constructed in any city receive the Venetian Craftsmanship promotion, boosting 20xStrength5 Combat Strength by 10% and 20xMovement5 Movement by 1. 25% increased Supply from population. 1 Engineer specialist