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Game InfoEdit

Fast Medieval ranged Unit, weak to Pikemen. Only the Arabians may build it. It is much stronger (defensively) than the Heavy Skirmisher which it replaces.


The Camel Archer is the Arabian unique unit, replacing the Heavy Skirmisher. The Camel Archer is a powerful ranged attack unit, allowing it to do damage to enemies 1 hex away. It can move after combat. As a mounted unit, the Camel Archer is vulnerable to Pikemen, though nowhere near as vulnerable as the Heavy Skirmisher.

Historical InfoEdit

Some Muslim cavalrymen rode camels into battle. This often had an unsettling effect upon European-bred horses that had not before encountered those unusual beasts. As might be expected, camels are better-suited to desert terrain than are horses. Generally, the camel archer employed hit-and-run tactics against the enemy, more similar to Mongol horse archers than to knights or other heavy cavalry units. A well-trained camel archer unit could be extremely difficult for knights to deal with, if those knights were not protected by archers or their own light cavalry.