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Icon5 template

Could someone explain to me/link me to a tutorial on how to use this template?
I tried to change names to begin the second word with a capital letter but that broke the icons.
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Reformation Event Requisits

I'd like to know how exactly the reformation buildings (i.e. sacred garden, etc.) work in tandem with the event system. I can normally get the first popup for the Way of Transcendence, but thus far it hasn't triggered afterwards, even after three eras pass. I'm not sure if there's conditions I'm just not meeting, or if it's just bugging out for me, but there really isn't anywhere on the wiki in game or here that explains. Would appreciate some insight.
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Template Creation

You have probably noticed a few odd looking pages springing up as of late. Nothing to worry about, that's just me trying to create some new templates.
I eventually want them all to conform to the new "InfoBox" standard but at the moment I'm still learning how to accomplish everything.
Related to this is the "Changelog" page. @Gazebo wanted to add this in and have it sortable by date. Doable, but involved, as the opening paragraph of that front page says there is currently 10000 lines in all the current changelogs split over many different release and hotfixes. We'll get there, just not immediately.
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What can I do to help?

At this stage most of what is happening is behind the scenes stuff such as getting templates etc. correctly working. Any existing page that has entries can be edited freely but I'd ask that you refrain from creating new pages or importing images to existing ones until I have made some admin changes. This requires a change from the Wikia administrators as discussed here .
Until then if you see an error in a description or the values of that item, please make any changes you like.
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Roadway for adjustment to the wiki

The originator of this wiki, @bromar1, is currently MIA and I have asked the Wikia administrators to grant me admin rights as the site needs some attention that only an admin can give.
What you may ask? Good question. The most glaring thing is the name, since we have changed to Vox Populi it is only appropriate to move the wiki to a site named accordingly. This will also entail adding a logo to the header and also a background to give it some...oomph.
Also the main CivilizationV wiki already has all the images for units, buildings etc. and there is a tool, available only to admins, that can grant access to those which would mean we don't have to duplicate those images here, saving time and bandwidth in the process.
This is the reason all new pages have been missing the images as I don't want to unneccessarily duplicate tasks if it can be avoided.
Related to this is the way the data is stored. Wikia has introduced a lua based data storage, similar to that used by the civilopedia itself, that can pull data from a central database and apply it anywhere that it is referenced. What this means is ALL data needs to be entered ONLY ONCE for any page that references that value.
No more will there be inaccuracies when viewing the same values from different pages.
This needs a lot of work to get installed and setup, but once done it will save many hours. I'm debating about this as I'm rusty with lua.
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